Friday , May 24 2019
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The Power Of Giving  

    The wisdom in giving There is a mystery involved in the art of open-handedness that only a few men understand or care to appreciate. The average man is pleased to receive value and reluctant to part with same. This is the innate base and animalistic instinct present in every being. It is thus not too difficult to comprehend ... Read More »

5 Tried-And-Tested Tips For A Financially Secure Future

Let’s face it, everyone wants a financially secure future. Whether you’ve just started working or are readying for retirement, you would like to be prepared to take on any challenge that life throws you. Most of us have developed our own philosophy when it comes to personal finance. We often find ourselves emulating the habits of people we admire and ... Read More »

VISION: What Do You See? (2)

  VISION: What Do You See? (2)   By LANRE INSPIRATI OYETADE   The me I see is the me I’ll be Anonymous   *Continued from last Monday.   The trick here was that each time I saw what I had written, it made an impression on my subconscious that that was the ideal, and my mind in turn charged ... Read More »

3 Reasons To Retire As Early As You Can

Retiring early might be a pipe dream of yours — and one you assume you’ll never realize. But 37% of workers have retired earlier than they had planned to, per the Center for Retirement Research, and that might happen to you, too. Whether you plan to retire early or not, here are three reasons to contemplate doing so. See if they apply ... Read More »

5 Money Management Habits You Must Stop

The new year gives you the opportunity to reinvent yourself. Naturally, personal finance is an area where everyone would like to see an upward trajectory. This is especially true for Malaysians. Alarming statistics show that 75 percent of us were unable to fork out even RM1,000 for emergencies The Bank Negara Malaysia report said many lacked the skills to manage ... Read More »

5 Pieces Of Advice From Successful Women Entrepreneurs

It’s exciting to be a woman these days. Women have more freedom to be anything they want, and that includes being business owners or entrepreneurs. Doors that were shut to our mothers and grandmothers are swinging wide open for the new generation of women. In the US, four out of every 10 businesses are either majority-owned, controlled or operated by ... Read More »

Understanding What Insurance Assignment Is All About

The term Insurance Assignment refers to the transfer of ownership from the Policy Owner (Assignor) to another person (or institution aka Assignee). The Assignee will now have control of the insurance policy and act as the Policy Owner. There is no change to the life assured in the policy, and the policy will remain unaltered. There are two types of ... Read More »

5 Ways To Spring-Clean Your Finances

You’ve probably heard of spring-cleaning your home, but in addition to decluttering your garage, clearing out your basement, and tackling that porch repair you’ve been putting off all winter, it pays to spend a little time tidying up your financial life as well. Here are a few ways to get your money-related affairs in order. 1. Review your budget Following ... Read More »

Don’t Let Taxes Kill Your New Business

It is an exciting time when you start your new business. You have so many things to think of that you may forget one of the most important aspects — taxes. Before you dive into the business world, take a few minutes to consider the tax aspects of your new business. Your tax obligations are strongly affected by the type of business ... Read More »

Start Small: 6 Easy Tricks To Save Money

You’ve definitely heard and read stories of how people saved money and become successful financially. They got there in various ways – buying unit trusts and making other forms of investments. But they didn’t get there without doing the smaller things too. Did you know you could do the same with a few lesser-known habits? Here are some not-so-obvious tricks ... Read More »