Monday , March 25 2019
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7 Ways To Keep Your Liver Healthy

Do you want to keep your liver happy? Moderate alcohol consumption is not the only way Your liver plays an important role in keeping your body functioning – in fact, it performs more than 500 functions that involve processing everything you eat and drink. It’s also the largest organ in your body and weighs around 1.4kg. You need to keep your liver healthy and ... Read More »

Over 3.6m Nigerians Lack Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, Says UNICEF

The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) yesterday said over 3.6 million Nigerians are in need of potable water, sanitation and hygiene services. It said of the number, 1.1 million are internally displaced persons (IDPs), having fled their homes due to violence and conflict even as most of them are out-of-reach in remote areas still impacted by conflicts. UNICEF Nigeria Representative, ... Read More »

Health Experts Call For Ban Of Mercury In Mining

Experts in the health sector have revealed that there is an urgent need for Nigeria to develop a National Action Plan to curb the use of mercury in gold mining in the country, so as not to endanger the health of the populace. The National Consultant, Public Health and Environment (PHE), World Health Organisation (WHO) in Nigeria, Dr Edwin Edeh, ... Read More »

Push Towards Ending HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Prior to last week, Nigeria was known as the second capital of HIV/AIDS prevalence globally with 2014 data showing 3.2 million Nigerians were living with the virus, just behind South Africa which has 7.1 million persons living with the burden. But last Thursday launch of the National HIV/AIDS Indicator and Impact Survey (NAIIS) Result by President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja ... Read More »

World Kidney Day: Lifestyle Choices And Kidney Health

After several years in medicine, as a medical doctor and as the CEO of a multi-specialty hospital group, my interests have converged to focus on the nexus between individual lifestyle choices and their impact on health. World Kidney Day, in particular, reminds one of the importance of a healthy lifestyle on kidney health. While it may be difficult to picture ... Read More »

Eight More Sickened In DRC’s Ebola Outbreak

An uptick in the rate of newly confirmed Ebola cases in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s outbreak continued today, with the country’s health ministry reporting eight illnesses in four locations. In other outbreak developments, the World Health Organization (WHO) African regional office in a weekly report today noted two more infections in health workers, and though Katwa is still the ... Read More »

Measles Outbreak Kills 13 Children In Borno —UNICEF

A measles outbreak has killed 13 children in Borno State, the United Nations Children’s Fund has revealed. A statement by Eva Hinds, a Communication Specialist with United Nations Children’s Fund said the Nigeria 2017 Demographic Health Survey, revealed that only 65 percent of eligible Nigerian children receive their first dose of measles vaccine every year, lamenting that in Borno State, ... Read More »

Is Smoking Shisha Safer Than Ciggies

Shisha, also known as hookah, narghile or goza, is a type of tobacco famous among the young, who gather at shisha cafes, sharing a pipe, thinking it is way safer than smoking cigarettes. Truth is, shisha is even more dangerous. What is shisha? To smoke shisha, you’ll need a pipe, a hose, a bowl and a water pipe with a ... Read More »

5 Tips To Improved Health And Wellness

There are various ways you may choose to take to improve your health and wellness. There are small things that you may do as they are easy to fit in your daily routine. A few minutes of your time is good enough for you to make a difference in your health. Here are five tips that you may start to ... Read More »

Getting Adequate Sleep Vital To Living Healthy Lives

The Chief Executive Officer of Mouka Limited, Mr Raymond Murphy, has highlighted the need for people to have adequate sleep, noting that it is one of the core pillars of health. Murphy said this on Thursday in Lagos at an event organised by Mouka Foam to commemorate the 2019 World Sleep Day. “When people fail to have adequate sleep, their ... Read More »