Saturday , September 22 2018
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Poor power supply hindering growth of Nigerian SMEs

BY JONATHAN EMMANUEL Access to power expands the number and variety of business and job opportunities available. Electricity means that small businesses, such as barbers hairdressing salons, laundromats, welders etc, rely on energy to function. Energy also leads to the creation of new markets, businesses and job openings, which provide more opportunities for individuals to earn an income and lift ... Read More »

Why Nigeria needs to be cautious about China

By Adamu Garba Usman Bello, a trader in fabrics at the popular Kanti Kori market in Kano, shared his frustration with me the last time I visited his store for my sallah shopping. “The Chinese have taken over our market” he lamented. “They now import these fabrics in large quantities from Mali, where they have acquired huge commercial farms to ... Read More »

Between Atiku’s and Buhari’s political tears

By Fatoumata Oumar “Is it true that in Nigeria, if you want to be the president and you have suffered defeat more than three times and you are nearing your retirement age, you must weep in the public while taking a nomination form”? “You ask too much questions. What is the weeping for? And by the way who and who ... Read More »

What is Yemi Osinbajo waiting for?

  By Fatoumata Oumar It is worrying that a lot of Africans do not consider good governance in their choice of political representation. But on the flipside, everyone yearns for good governance. In Africa, I have observed that people are madly attached to politicians. It does not matter what the politician does with them, the only thing they know is ... Read More »

The World Bank, IMF warning against excessive borrowing

Notwithstanding the fact that Nigeria’s current Debt-to-GDP ratio is sitting comfortably within the acceptable international threshold, the Federal Government should heed the repeated advice of global financial institutions to cut down excessive borrowing and put more energy into private investment in the economy. For the umpteenth time in recent years, the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ... Read More »

Nigeria’s possible adoption of state police

  The issue of state police forces, never absent for long, is now back in the headlines, having been endorsed recently by first Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, then the 36 states in the form of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, and not forgetting the APC Committee on restructuring headed by Kaduna State Governor Nasir el-Rufai which recommended moving policing from the exclusive ... Read More »

What else is Mr. President unaware of?

The opprobrious silence that greeted President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to a North-Central state, Benue, last Monday should be of major concern to anyone who truly wishes him well. For a President who, from all indications, is being prepared for a second shot at The Presidency, the Benue outing clearly indicated that the Buhari mojo that gripped most states in the ... Read More »

Why Lagos needs an Integrated Waste Management Solution (2)

In the concluding part of the Proshare WebTV interview with Mr Idowu Salawu an Environmentalist who has consulted for the Federal and State Governments, he shared further insight into the value of an “Integrated Lagos Waste Management Solution”. He asserted that the Lagos government should study the waste patterns, disposal system and waste transportation system with a view to developing ... Read More »

Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants?

Surely any person going to work outside their country is an expatriate? But no, the word exclusively applies to white people In the lexicon of human migration there are still hierarchical words, created with the purpose of putting white people above everyone else. One of those remnants is the word “expat”.What is an expat? And who is an expat? According ... Read More »

Unveiling capital market’s place in infrastructural financing

  ‘The effective and efficient utilization of capital market facilities would enhance federal and states governments’ financing of their respective 2018 budgets to address their huge infrastructural deficits,.’     All over the world, the capital market drives the entire economy, as it provides a platform for government at all tiers to access medium and long-term funds to execute development ... Read More »