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Techniques of Making Money in Shares

Title: Techniques of Making Money in Shares Author: F.A. Akindipe Publisher: Flarmak & Company Date of Publication: 2002 Pages: 203 Reviewer: Lanre Inspirati Oyetade – 0803 942 8648   Akindipe is an author of reasonable repute in matters of the stock market with a small but growing number of publications to his credit – all on stock-related matters. This particular ... Read More »

Secrets Of The Stock Market

Title: Secrets of the Stock Market Author: Gbemiga Odediran Publisher: Pundit Publishers Date of Publication: 2009 Pages: 144 Reviewer: Lanre Inspirati Oyetade   Just like any other form of venture in life, be it the medical or carpentry profession, the stock market does have its own ‘secrets’ that any would-be active player should know before dabbling into it. These secrets ... Read More »

Cashflow Quadrant

Title: Cashflow Quadrant Author: Robert Kiyosaki with Sharon Lechter Publisher: Warner Books, New York. Date of Publication: 2000 Pages: 359 Reviewer: Lanre Inspirati Oyetade   According to the authors of Cashflow Quadrant, the book is actually a continuation of their best seller, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. The book is obviously coloured by the philosophy of its chief author, Robert Kiyosaki, ... Read More »

Die Empty

Title: Die Empty Author: Todd Henry Publisher: Penguin Random House Date of Publication: 2013 Pages: 240 Reviewers: Lanre Inspirati Oyetade & Yomi Abujade   Todd Henry was inspired to write this masterpiece while attending a business meeting. When the director asked the audience: “Where is the richest land in the world?” different answers came from the audience: “Oil-rich Gulf states,” “Diamond ... Read More »

Even Here, Even Now

Title: Even Here, Even Now Author: Adeniyi Adekunle and Olakunle Kasumu Publisher: Awake Africa Date of Publication: 2005 Pages: 246 Reviewer: Lanre Oyetade (08039428648)   Adeniyi Adekunle and Olakunle Kasumu, themselves entrepreneurs and co-runners of Awake Africa, an entrepreneurship development organization, wrote this commendable piece, which features inspiring stories, lessons and advice from 12 leading entrepreneurs and visionaries, most of ... Read More »

60 Habits of Highly Successful People (Vol. 2)

Title: 60 Habits of Highly Successful People (Vol. 2) Author: Segun Olatunji Publisher: Trinity Integrated Profile Limited Date of Publication: 2009 Pages: 103 Reviewer: Lanre Inspirati Oyetade (0803 942 8648)   The work is very much the second volume of a six-volume series with the same title, derived originally from a sermon series, which the author had put together at ... Read More »

A Practical Guide to Raising Catfish

Title: A Practical Guide to Raising Catfish Author: M.A. Morakinyo and G.O. Olaleye Publisher: Not Stated Date of Publication: 2009 Pages: 52 Reviewer: Lanre Inspirati Oyetade (0803 942 8648)   This is a season of efforts at self employment given the absence or insufficiency of funds from paid employment, and catfish farming has proved to be an attractive investment window for ... Read More »

66 Businesses You Can Start and Run on Your Own

Title: 66 Businesses You Can Start and Run on Your Own Author: Ladi Olatunji Publisher: Capitol Books Date of Publication: 1986 Pages: 180 Reviewer: Lanre Oyetade (08039428648) Rating: B+   In these times, when paid employment is difficult to come by, by both by the educated and the non-educated, a book such as this should go a long way in ... Read More »

Creating Wealth and Happiness

Title: Creating Wealth and Happiness Author: Jos Olu Kesinro Publisher: Praise Gates Limited Date of Publication: 2008 Pages: 188 Reviewer: Lanre Inspirati Oyetade (08039428648) Rating: B+   Jos Olu Kesinro is an erudite author who knows his onions, successfully obtaining two degrees, a National Merit Award for academic excellence and the Kano State Merit Award for distinguished hard work and ... Read More »

40 Low Start-up Businesses That Can Make You Rich

Title: 40 Low Start-up Businesses That Can Make You Rich Author: Dare Dickson-Afeni & Andy Evbuomwan Publisher: Not Indicated Date of Publication: 2006 Pages: 141 Reviewer: Lanre Oyetade (0803 942 8648)   The authors believe that entrepreneurship is the ideal harbinger of real wealth and to this end, they have written a start-up series on small businesses as an encouragement ... Read More »