Wednesday , June 26 2019
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How To Check Expiry Date Of A Gas Cylinder

Gas cylinders are essential components in our kitchens and almost every home owns it. it is important to know that a gas cylinder could be as dangerous as its importance if certain factors are not checked constantly. There have been many cases of gas cylinder explosions and when this happens, lives are lost and properties worth millions are destroyed. It ... Read More »

Nigerian Newspapers: 10 things you need to know this Tuesday morning

Good morning! Here is today’s summary from Nigerian Newspapers 1. A group of lawmakers drawn from various parties are heading to court over alleged proof of vote-buying and gross impunity by the Clerk of the National Assembly, Alhaji Sani Omolori.  Omolori, who supervised the June 11 election of Speaker and Deputy Speaker in the House of Representatives, is being accused of ... Read More »

Fisherman Native Soup, The Ultimate SeaFood

Native soup is one of the best soups in Nigeria literally. Widely popular in Rivers state, although its origin is unknown, locals often refer to it as Fisherman soup (and we’d settle with that.). If you are a seafood lover looking to eat something exciting to your taste buds, this is the ultimate dish. Ingredients 2 pieces of Stockfish ear ... Read More »

How Buhari’s Slow Decision Process May Upset Economy

President Muhammadu Buhari’s slow decision-making process could once again impede his second term in office and endanger the economy. One week after signing the N8.92 trillion 2019 budget and five days after the new administration was inaugurated, Buhari’s “body language,” according to a source close to the presidency, seems out of tune with the urgent need to set up a ... Read More »

How Well Do You Know Africa?

Are you an expert traveler? Test your travel knowledge and see how well you know the beautiful land of Africa. Home to well-preserved Roman sites at Timgad and Djemila, what is the largest country in Africa? Chad Algeria Libya Sudan When on safari, which animals are traditionally referred to as the ‘big five’? Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino Elephant, ... Read More »

Unilag, Admit UTME Highest Scorer

It will be a tragedy if the world is told tomorrow that one of the most significant universities in Africa’s most populous country could not admit the overall best candidate in a Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) on account of age – in 21st century. Insinuations that the 15-year-old Ekene Franklin, who broke the record with the highest score of ... Read More »

Do We Need More Or Better Universities?

It is curious and even provocative that the authorities and the people of Nigeria have not been considering groundswell of informed commentaries that Nigeria needs better, not more universities at this time that disruptive technologies daily shape economic development through innovation – triggered by research. And so, the National Universities Commission’s (NUC) recent revelation that it was processing 303 fresh ... Read More »

Nigerians, Save Nigeria!

From the North-East to the South-East, from the Niger Delta to the western axis of the country, the tragedy of today’s Nigeria is that security breaches occur daily with revolting impunity. Human lives are lost to brigands and blood-thirsty savages in homes, in schools, in places of worship and on the highways. Indeed, Nigeria, sadly, has become the metaphor for ... Read More »

I remember the 12th of June

They tried so hard to hide the truth. But truth never really goes away. It is like smoke. It eventually finds its way out. So June 12th is our Democracy Day? Well, some who talk about it may see it as some distant political thing that happened under the military, in the age of impunity. But I remember it differently. ... Read More »

Of a coalition for development

    Pat Utomi   The Nigerian landscape is littered with images of the triumph of politics. The new winners are either draped in silkwear of triumphalism and yesterday’s winners in today’s mourning fields cloaked in the bitterness of regret. But pray, tell, where is the legacy of progress that yesterday’s triumph brought, or the shine of human material advance, ... Read More »