Thursday , December 14 2017
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Articles By Prof. Pat Utomi

Death in Saudi: Beyond statistics

  The news came in trickles. First, it was said a Nigerian may have been lost in the stampede at a Holy site during the Pilgrimage. It was one Professor. Then, it seemed some judges had also been lost. At some point, when I called a friend to ask how the Sallah celebration was going, I was told the joy ... Read More »

Education and the future of Nigeria

The African American Institute came to town recently. As part of the package of their annual conference, I was requested to give a keynote on the future of education in Africa. I was not quite sure of the effect of what I said to those in the audience, but I found myself both frightened and excited by what came out ... Read More »

Of a coalition for development

The Nigerian landscape is littered with images of the triumph of politics. The new winners are either draped in silkwear of triumphalism and yesterday’s winners in today’s mourning fields cloaked in the bitterness of regret. But pray, tell, where is the legacy of progress that yesterday’s triumph brought, or the shine of human material advance, that today is bringing? There ... Read More »