Monday , July 22 2019
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T & T News ( is published by T & T Media Limited.
We pride ourselves with the provision of timely information in news, incisive features, analyses, opinion articles and inspirational
materials, which our various readers and stakeholders can relate to, use, and trust on a daily basis for their personal, professional and corporate development.
The provision of timely and inspirational information, which our readers can safely trust.
– To provide timely and credible information, which  our various stakeholders will find useful in their daily private and professional lives.
– To go the extra mile in serving our readers and stakeholders by providing inspirational resources useful in their quest for excellence in their endeavours.
-To be an agent of support to private and public enterprise within and beyond the shores of Nigeria, through the provision of a credible and user-friendly news platform.
– To be a catalyst in moulding public opinion,  necessary for the positive development of the Nigerian society and beyond.
– Timeliness
– Objectivity & Balance
– Credibility & Trust