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60 Habits of Highly Successful People (Vol. 2)

Title: 60 Habits of Highly Successful People (Vol. 2)

Author: Segun Olatunji

Publisher: Trinity Integrated Profile Limited

Date of Publication: 2009

Pages: 103

Reviewer: Lanre Inspirati Oyetade (0803 942 8648)


The work is very much the second volume of a six-volume series with the same title, derived originally from a sermon series, which the author had put together at the instance of the Holy Spirit.

They come from about twenty years of experience garnered by the author in high profile positions, including those from the Tribune titles, where he had served as Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief for about five years.

It is noteworthy that the author, having put these same principles to work at the Tribune to great success, had witnessed resounding resistance from both board and staff of the organisation when he tendered his resignation in order to move on in response to further instructions from God.

According to the author, who is also a pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), the Holy Spirit had instructed him to put all these lessons into a sermon that would be simple in language and accessible for all categories of people.

Having received an overwhelming response to the sermons within and outside the country, Olatunji was encouraged to put the sermons in book form so that all and sundry can be a part of the blessing.

He thought it wise, however, to put the book in six volumes for two reasons mainly; one, to make it small enough for everybody, including women and busy people, to read and two, to make it affordable. In his own words, “one big book containing 60 chapters will not only be cumbersome for some but will also be costly (and) either of these will defeat God’s purpose.”

Just like the first volume, the book opens with teasers, this time 11 in number, to set the reader thinking. For instance, a teaser asks; ‘do you have habits that you have difficulty maintaining?’; another asks, ‘are there habits you would like to take up, but have not been able to?’, yet another asks, ‘do you set goals, but get sidetracked along the way?’, and yet another asks, ‘would those who know you consider you a person of integrity?’, and so on.

Like the first volume, this volume is made up of 10 habits aptly divided into 10 chapters with each chapter heavily spiced with success nuggets and wise sayings that portend what the chapter is about.

The eleventh habit of highly successful people, as recorded in the book, is that highly successful people know that preparations determine performance, while the twelfth habit is that highly successful people are disciplined.

The thirteenth chapter (or third chapter in this volume) contains the thirteenth habit that highly successful people never use others to measure themselves, while the fourth chapter here says highly successful people do not equate poor performance in school with their ability or self-worth.

Chapters fifteen and sixteen (or five and six, respectively in this volume) say they do not do negative analyses and that they do zero-based thinking, respectively. Chapter seven of this volume says they take charge of their lives so that their personal problems do not hinder their work, while the eighth habit is that they do not allow their lives to be ruined by cognitive dissonance.

The ninth and tenth habits are that highly successful people set worthwhile goals and work on them everyday, and that they practise the law of single handling.

Overall, this second volume, just like the first, will definitely make not only a worthwhile additional inspirational read, but also will be something worthy of study by posterity.



About Lanre Oyetade

A multiple award winner in Economics and business journalism, Lanre Oyetade has served close to two decades in the media industry, spanning different notable stables, where he is privileged to have risen to the position of a title editor. A masters degree holder in Economics from the University of Lagos and doctoral student at the Babcock University, he is a winner of the prestigious NMMA Capital Market Award for two consecutive years (2004 & 2005), and was also a nominee for the body’s banking and finance and money market awards for two years. In 2013, he also won the Most Outstanding Business-Reporting Title Editor award of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN). A minister in the LORDS’s vineyard, he has been an inspirational speaker and resource person at many corporate and religious fora since early 2004, and has so far authored three books on the capital market; on personal effectiveness, and on personal finance, in 2008 and 2014, respectively.