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66 Businesses You Can Start and Run on Your Own

Title: 66 Businesses You Can Start and Run on Your Own

Author: Ladi Olatunji

Publisher: Capitol Books

Date of Publication: 1986

Pages: 180

Reviewer: Lanre Oyetade (08039428648)

Rating: B+


In these times, when paid employment is difficult to come by, by both by the educated and the non-educated, a book such as this should go a long way in stirring the active-minded individual on the many possible business types he should be capable of starting and running.

Even beyond this, those individuals who are currently employed by others and would want to commence or improve upon their own businesses, as a means of extra streams of income, will find the book of immense benefit.

The author is rightly convinced that most of the big businesses today were small ones of yesterday and that conversely, many of the small ones of today will be giants a few years from now, but such businesses first have to be started.

According to him, one of the advantages of self-employment is that the men and women who own such businesses cannot be sacked or retrenched, and “each is a top executive, the ruler of his own empire, and the architect of his own fortune.”

The author posits that the unique selling point of his book is that, unlike the many other books on the subject matter, it actually shows the interested reader what to do and how to do it.

The work lists and gives explanations on 66 businesses that can be started within the local economy on both the small and medium scale.

The businesses written about range from party equipment rental services to confectionery businesses, guest house businesses, fast food shops to bookshops, consultancy businesses, car wash businesses and computer schools, among others.

The author also includes at the end of the book a section on how to acquire investment capital and another on how to acquire more information about any business of interest.

He, however, quickly warns in a section meant to motivate the aspiring entrepreneur that “no business makes money but rather it is the man that makes money in the business.”

He explains that a business is a tool for making money and how much money is made in the final analysis will depend on how well the businessman uses the ‘tool’.

Typically, the write-up on each business begins with an introduction to the business, a section on ‘how to get started’, another on how much one can make from the business, how much to charge for goods and services provided, how to go about getting publicity for the business, and other such tips aimed towards making the business a success.

The author ends the write-up with the following poser meant to galvanise the reader to act: Three frogs were sitting on a launching pad; one frog decided to jump. How many frogs were left? And he gives the answer as three, explaining thus; ‘deciding’ and ‘jumping’ are two different things; deciding is a thought, but jumping is an action.

Generally, the book should be a good read for the aspiring entrepreneur even though its major shortcoming is that it does not provide adequate detail on each business but then, perhaps this shortcoming has been righted by the author’s reference to sources of additional information.

In our view, the book is deserving of a B+ rating.



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