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40 Low Start-up Businesses That Can Make You Rich

Title: 40 Low Start-up Businesses That Can Make You Rich

Author: Dare Dickson-Afeni & Andy Evbuomwan

Publisher: Not Indicated

Date of Publication: 2006

Pages: 141

Reviewer: Lanre Oyetade (0803 942 8648)


The authors believe that entrepreneurship is the ideal harbinger of real wealth and to this end, they have written a start-up series on small businesses as an encouragement to Nigerians –both young and old – and indeed all Africans to embrace entrepreneurship.

The series, according to the authors, are designed to open the reader’s mind to the great potentials in starting business and being one’s one boss.

Listen to them: “We believe entrepreneurship is the turbine to drive the engine for the flight out of poverty, and small business is especially imperative in this quest considering the large number of our citizens who are unemployed, under-employed or outright indigent”.

The book promises to give the reader some proven income opportunities and tips every entrepreneur ‘must’ employ for business success.

It indeed gives tips on 40 likely low start-up businesses one can start and run. These range from livestock feed production to interior decoration, consultancy, proofreading, tour packaging, consultancy services, corporate gifts, wedding planning, recruitment agency, catfish farming, and many more.

On catfish farming, for instance, the authors draw the reader’s attention to the fact that in 2005, over 2 million Nigerians were making their living from this profitable venture, which also provides food nutrition security for over 100 million Nigerians.

They equally advise that one can start the business no matter how small the capital is since “you are dealing with life”, quoting a fish expert and consultant who had spoken at a one-day workshop on catfish production organised by FATE Foundation.

They also point out the fact that the most important element in fish farming is the fishpond or a place to house the fishes, which must be a place that can store and retain water since a fish dies outside water. They therefore advise that the fishpond should most desirably be sited in a waterlogged area.

Equally, in the era of retrenchments catching up with highly qualified and experienced people, the authors encourage them to turn to consultancy, which does not require much start-up capital once the knowledge base is present.

They point out that packaging is quite crucial in this field as the to-be consultant will need, among other things, to write powerful letters to companies and organisations on his niche area, alongside a brochure that would show his deep understanding of the subject.

These and much more are some of the materials offered by the authors to interested readers.

The work is actually in three parts. The first is what includes the 40 business ideas. Part 2 deals with what they call ‘Tips every entrepreneur must employ for business success’, including such matters as business registration, business plan, start-up finance, negotiations, pricing policy, etc.

The final part attempts to give inspiration to start-up and existing entrepreneurs by giving motivational write-ups on business ownership.

All said, the book is an indispensable material for the mind and library of the man interested in business ownership, and comes highly recommended.



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