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LEAD: Sam Adeyemi

Title: LEAD

Author: Sam Adeyemi

Publisher: Pneuma Publishing Ltd

Date of Publication: 2009

Pages: 124

Reviewer: Lanre Oyetade (08039428648,

Rating: A


Reverend Sam Adeyemi definitely needs no introduction; as a motivational speaker on his radio and television programme, Success Power, he was – and still is – a raving success, and as Senior Pastor at the Daystar Christian Centre, he has equally succeeded in drawing the crème-de-la-crème of the society to himself and to God through his leadership qualities.

So when, among other works, the amiable pastor puts pen to paper to write about leadership, you simply do the wisest thing; study, digest and internalise the doctrines contained therein!

Listen to the man of God: “Wherever you are on the journey of success, LEAD is the right book for you.  (It is) packed with ideas you can use right away to transform your life where you are and help multiply your success.”

Adeyemi rightly states further that the book is capable of teaching readers to turn loose their ability to inspire others, transform their organisations, solve problems better and faster than before, multiply their effectiveness and become ‘change champions’ in their nations.

This pastor of a large congregation believes also that whatever is one’s title or position, he can lead, right where he is, and he provides this latest work of his to show the path to follow to truly become a leader that influences and inspires followership and action, and ultimately change.

He argues that only a few can be presidents, or prime ministers in their countries, as the word leadership is thought to be synonymous with, but that the seemingly ordinary person in the community such as parents, teachers, coaches and even colleagues who help to discover and to realise people’s potentials everyday around the world are equally leaders since they exert influence on others.

“The key word in leadership is influence, and all of us have the potential to do it. Leadership is (therefore) the ability to influence people to achieve great goals… (and) there are two dimensions to it; character and competence.

“As you acquire skills and solve problems, you will increase in influence. (And)…about solving problems, we all begin by dealing with our individual challenges. As we overcome them, we realise we do not have special problems; there are many in similar predicaments. And, as we deploy our skills and gifts to help them, greater opportunities for leadership come our way,” he asserts.

He further exhorts that it is not nearly enough for us to succeed, but that we can multiply our success by guiding others to do what we do, as this is another level of success all together.

In all, there are 10 chapters in the book. Chapter one is on the issue of vision, while the second chapter is on developing leadership qualities. Chapter three is on the price of leadership, while chapter four returns us to the principles of vision, and the fifth chapter discusses the issue of leadership and principles.

Chapter six is on the characteristics of principle-centred leaders, while the seventh chapter deals with unleashing one’s leadership potential.

The eighth, ninth and tenth chapters are on the matters of leadership and change, sharing your power, and choosing good leaders, respectively.

Overall, the work is an invaluable treatise for anyone that aspires to any level of leadership, and comes highly recommended for both the reader and the librarian.

In our view, the book deserves an A rating.

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