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Verily verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat falls unto the ground and dies, it abideth alone; but if it dies, it bringeth forth much fruit

  • JESUS in John 12: 24

People can sit under a shade today, because someone planted a tree a long time ago

  • Anonymous

Meaning of ‘dying daily’: Not the physical or terminal death, but the process of giving wholly of yourself to worthy causes through hard & smart work, study, self-denial, charity and daily meditation, in order to have an exceptional life.

Returns are still mysterious and very high, though gradual. The BIG BREAK will soon come.

The Master’s example: He gave His life in order to multiply His Father’s kingdom.

Many are mere witnesses and onlookers/spectators; may be unaware or unwilling of the need and the process, but ALL are capable of attaining this. The onlookers merely watch, comment and marvel at the activities of those who make things happen, while they wait for things to happen! They are like spectators at a football match!

They are not ready to bear their cross in order to earn the crown. They are in the majority and it is very easy to belong to this class. A person merely needs to do nothing and he will find himself in this class.




  • In order to rescue yourself from belonging to this class of people, you need to realize and work positively with the cause-and-effect linkage; realize that for every action, there is a sure consequence, and be ready to bear the consequences of your actions
  • Onlookers prefer to be given the fish rather than to be taught to catch fish themselves. Strive to escape this class!
  • They fail to realize that what they marvel at in one person’s life is very possible in their own lives. The path that one man has travelled and succeeded in is freely available to and can be replicated by others, for mind is like mind, and God is no respecter of persons.



  1. Affect yourself positively first: daily renew your mind, your pronouncements and your deeds by: 1. Reading good books, listening to good inspirational tapes, taking resolute action, and determining to give it just about all it takes to attain your life goals legitimately.


  1. Commit yourself to a worthy, wholesome cause bigger than you and that will outlive you e.g. LIONS’ INTERNATIONAL, CLUB INSPIRATI, AIESEC, ETC.


  1. Find your purpose in life by putting purpose in all you do.


  1. Always stay around people who will INSPIRE you, and avoid like a plaque people that will dampen your mind and spirit.


  1. Employ MENTORS in every sphere of your life.


  1. Never give up to life’s CHALLENGES.


  1. Highly prioritize the GOD FACTOR.


CONCLUSION: There indeed is a need to ‘die’ daily so as to live abundantly and eternally!






Deacon Lanre Oyetade

The Inspirati


Sat., August 26, 2017.



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