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6 Ways GOD Speaks To Us: My Experience

6 Ways GOD Speaks To Us: My Experience

God wants to have an intimate experience with His children through the Holy Spirit. One of the ways He does this is by talking to them in ways many and varied. I have also often heard the question asked, ‘How can I hear from God?’ The following are six ways I know from personal experience over the years God can speak to us.

  1. THROUGH THE WORD: i.e. The Holy Bible – This is the main source of hearing from God in these last days. It shows the will and power of God in His children’s life, and is available to all.
  2. THROUGH DREAMS AND VISIONS: This is at God’s instance. I am convinced that every dream is spiritual and significant, though they may be triggered by a physical happenstance. However, the fact remains that prayer is stronger than dreams, visions or even prophecies in the spiritual realm, What this implies is that you can establish a good dream, vision or prophecy, and in the same strength, you can abolish any of the foregoing if not good or godly.
  3. THROUGH HIS SERVANTS AND PROPHETS: This means is equally available to all. This also includes God speaking to us through His Angels.
  4. THROUGH HIS ‘PROMPTING’: This is sometimes called the 6th Sense, the hunch, gut feeling or the nudge of the Holy Spirit e.g. what you sometimes feel when you hear an inspirational (NOT motivational) preacher speak, or at altar calls. This is at the Holy Spirit’s instance.
  5. THROUGH INSPIRATION: This is referred to by the Bible as the ‘breadth of God’. It can happen to you at anytime e.g. when listening to some gospel music or when sighting a wonder of the world e.g. at mountain sides.
  6. THROUGH THE AUDIBLE VOICE: God actually still speaks to some of His children audibly in ‘still small voices’ of the Holy Spirit. Personally, I have heard God speak to me audibly three times in the past. This usually happens early in the morning.

MORALE: God is no respecter of persons; what He has done for, with, though or by any one person, He can do for ANY other person. We just need to move closer to Him in edification and sanctification and farther away from sin, and He will likewise move closer to us, and reveal Himself and His will to us. This is His desire and promise to us.

Good morning and God bless you.

Dcn. Lanre Inspirati Oyetade.


Winners’ Estate, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.

5:45am, Sun., Aug.27, 2017.

About Lanre Oyetade

A multiple award winner in Economics and business journalism, Lanre Oyetade has served close to two decades in the media industry, spanning different notable stables, where he is privileged to have risen to the position of a title editor. A masters degree holder in Economics from the University of Lagos and doctoral student at the Babcock University, he is a winner of the prestigious NMMA Capital Market Award for two consecutive years (2004 & 2005), and was also a nominee for the body’s banking and finance and money market awards for two years. In 2013, he also won the Most Outstanding Business-Reporting Title Editor award of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN). A minister in the LORDS’s vineyard, he has been an inspirational speaker and resource person at many corporate and religious fora since early 2004, and has so far authored three books on the capital market; on personal effectiveness, and on personal finance, in 2008 and 2014, respectively.